Review Policy

Do you accept books for review?

Yes I do

What genres do you accept?

I will accept almost anything, but I prefer

  • Urban Fantasy
  • YA Fantasy
  • YA Realistic Fiction
  • Science Fiction

What genres do you not accept?

I will accept almost everything, but not non-fiction or books where the main character commits adultery. That said, books cannot generally be categorized in absolutes. If your book falls into any of the above categories, contact me and I will be able to give you a more definite answer.

What formats do you accept?

I prefer e-books in forms of .epub, .mobi, .pdf but will also accept physical copies in special cases

What about self-published authors and indie publishers?

I don’t care about who is sending me the book, but rather, what book I am recieving. Indie and self published authors are welcome.

How long does it take you to review a book?

I try to get reviews up within 2 weeks, though it generally takes me longer if life gets in the way, as it does too often. 🙂

Where do you post reviews?

I post my reviews on

  • Goodreads
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Google Play Books
  • LibraryThing
  • Alibris
  • Twitter
  • Amazon

Where can you be contacted?

You can email me at, or use the Book Reviewer Form linked here. Be warned. If you are contacting me, it is assumed that you have read and agreed to my AuthorReviewer Contract.

How does your rating system work?


This book is one that I absolutely adore. I re-read it when I am sad, mad, bored, and everything in between. I push it on everyone who asks me for book recs, and sometimes even when they don’t. It is something that keeps me up nights thinking about the characters and the events.


This is a great book that has distinguished itself from most books I read. It is not quite squee worthy, but is near it.


This book is a good book. I would be able to read it again, but there is something that detracts from the overall story.


This book is okay. It’s not bad, but it’s not something I would be able to make my way through again


 I hated this book. The only reason I finished it is because I would hate having an unfinished story floating around in my head more. That said, it is quite possible that it was just not my style, and I will clarify that in my review.