Author/Reviewer Contract


          Though I have not had any issues with this particular issue before, I have heard horror stories from other bloggers and would like to make sure I am protected. The agreement has been created so we have an understanding of what’s going to happen when I review the book, and how you can help the process run smoothly.

I. This will be my review

           If I review your book, that means it will be in my own words. You will not tell me what to add or take out or saying that my view is wrong. If you put the book in my hands you give me full rights to say what I want about it, whether you agree with it or not. I will be considerate, I understand that I am reading your baby, something you have put alot of time and effort into, but I, as a reviewer, need to be able to say what I think without reprisal. That’s how this system works.

II. If the review is not flattering

          I read books that are good, and some that are not so good. If I give your book under three stars, I will contact you to see if you still want it posted. I want you to succeed, so if you don’t think my review is flattering, I won’t post it. This also reverts to rule one. I will not change my review because it’s not flattering. Keep in mind that not everyone will love your book, even Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter — which are loved by many people — have gotten criticism. You’re no different.

III. Other social media sites

          I will post these reviews on my blog, Goodreads, and many other sites, which are listed on my Review Policy Page. If you have another place you want me to post or don’t want any of these sites, please tell me. I will not under any circumstances harass any fellow bloggers on these sites for you.

IV. Act like an adult

          Yes, this has to be said. If you don’t like something I’ve said in my review or don’t like a certain aspect of how I post them, no name calling, swearing at me, or threats of any kind. You’re a professional… don’t think my review is going to damage your sales immensely.


VII. Conclusion

          I’m a really nice reviewer and am not out to get you. My goal is to help you succeed, and if you think you’re a good fit contact me back with a big “Yes!” and I’ll get started right away. If you don’t agree with any of these terms, I’m sorry to see you leave and I hope you’ll think of me in the future. Again, this is typed out because of of things I have heard and seen, not because I personally think you’re out to get me. We both have a passion for books, and I’d love to review for you!

Thank you,