Hi! My name is Simmi, and I started this blog partially out of frustration. I read, to misquote Annie Dillard, to fill up and live. I cannot remember the last day I went without reading. The app on my phone tells me that I use it an average of three and a half hours a day. Not surprisingly, that means that means that I don’t have that many people I can talk to about books, not only because of the sheer volume of books I read, but because not that many people where I live have read the same books I do.

So I created this blog partially in an effort to connect to people who read the things I do, and want to fangirl over them as much as I do too.

So hello, my name is Simmi, and I am a high school student who loves to read. I will, as the name of my blog suggests, read anything, but I usually tend towards urban fantasy, and YA fiction. I live in a house with four fish, and spend every moment I am not studying, immersing myself in books.

Welcome to my blog.