A Court of Wings and Ruin: Initial Impressions

Squeeee!!!!! I got my copy of ACOWAR in the mail yesterday, and I’ll tell you right now – I read that sucker in 3 hours flat. It was so good. I am still an incoherent mess 12 hours later.

First Impressions? SJM outdid herself. She really truly did. While ACOMAF will always hold a special place in my heart, ACOWAR is quite possibly on that pedestal with it. I’m not sure yet, because I need to reread, absord, and just come to terms with just how good that book really was.

But. The feels. 

Ahem. I will be posting a full review later, probably not this week or the next, because they’re AP Exam Weeks, but definitely soon after that. I will try to pop in and out a little during these weeks, but I’ll be a sleep deprived incoherent mess. 🙂