Blog Tour and Author Guest Post!!!

Hi y’all!


I have some exciting news for everyone! I am one stop on the Stack a Deck Virtual Blog Tour, and as a part of this stop Bestselling Author Sue Duff is here to write a guest post on how she began writing! Let’s all welcome Sue.

Sue Duff

I stumbled into writing. Well, more like tripped, if that’s even possible with skis that don’t eject because they’re set for an experience skier. Only a newbie skier would be stupid enough to slowly ski backwards down an icy run, watching as your son navigates the ice cube hill you just finished. Stupid me, I was worried about him and didn’t see the mogul that reached up and grabbed my rear ski tip, sending me on a tumbleweed journey down the slope. It ended with my son standing over my prone body, then had the audacity to say, “Well that was embarrassing.”

The inevitable surgery two months later laid me up for the entire summer. The beforementioned son, however, eventually discovered that the handicapped car sticker was good for something. A small price to pay for waiting on mom the first couple of weeks. I was used to being active, independent and resourceful. I had to put that aside, along with my self-esteem, and scoot down stairs on my rear and traverse my house while hopping from one stable surface to another.

I turned on the word processor to combat the boredom. It also helped to ignore the whiny teenager who wasn’t old enough to drive himself anywhere and had convinced himself that mom had chosen to make him a prisoner in his own home. Like that would have been my first choice. EVER!

The novel that emerged from that summer was a welcomed respite from my frustration, lack of control and the inevitable self-pity. I loved the newfound control over a world of my making, but especially characters that I loved and loved to hate. Who needs therapy when you can hang out with people of your own creation, have them fall in and, if you feel like it, out of love. Instead of killing my teenager, I killed others and avoided incarceration in the world that frowns upon such atrocities. I found out that I not only enjoyed writing, but that I was good at it. Racing thoughts transformed my fingers into a typing machine and I’d stay up till the middle of the night, having forgotten to feed the dog, eat more than a single meal, or provide sustenance for the boy who peeked around the corner, no doubt wondering where his mother had gone, and who this stranger was that took her place.

I LOVE writing! On my journey to a successful series with four novels and two anthologies, to-date, lining my shelf, more than anything, I cherish the writers I’ve met along the way. They are incredible people with more talent than I, and I want to be them someday. All it took was a stupid accident. May you be so lucky 🙂

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