2017 2nd Annual Authors Talk About It Book Award Contest

Hello Everyone!!!

I am sorry that I have been away so long. It has been a very busy few weeks in my corner of the world, the details of which I won’t bore you with.

Instead I shall bring to you the details of this amazing contest!

I actually learned about this contest in mid December, and meant to tell you about it then, but life got in the way.

But, I’ve posted it now! So let me tell you what this contest is. If you haven’t already figured it out, I like lists. So we shall be doing this in a list format, just to keep things organized. 🙂

First: Who is Qualified to Enter?

  • Authors who are 18 years of age or older

Second: What Can You Enter?

  • Published and unpublished books, manuscripts and eBooks are accepted
  • Books in the following categories:
    1. General Fiction
    2. Romance
      1. Note: (Erotica is currently not accepted. Spicy and steamy? Yes, but nothing explicit.)
    3. Mystery
    4. Thriller
    5. Sci-fi
    6. Paranormal
    7. Horror
    8. General Children
    9. Young Adult Fiction
    10. Non-fiction

Third: What Are You Entering?

You are entering a book award contest, hosted by Authors Talk About It (ATAI), which provides critiques to every entry entered, no matter if you win or not, always a helpful thing. In addition, if your book gets 3-5 stars, you get tons of promotion, which is listed in more detail below. If your book gets below 3 stars, you get a review emailed back to you, which is yours to do with as you like. If you win, you get tons of prizes all associated with different levels of prize winning.

Fourth: What Do You Get

  • If You Enter
    • Everyone who enters, no matter what happens next, gets a 250-350 word critique/review of their book, which can then be posted anywhere they wish, as long as it is cited properly
  • If You Get 3 – 5 Stars
    • Promotion across all of ATAI social media platforms
    • Featured blog post on ATAI, Authors Village, Readers Village, Download This Book
    • Promotion across combined social media of 40K+
    • Digital Badge for 4-5 Stars
  • If You Get Less Than 3 Stars
    • Your critique, featuring helpful feedback, will not be posted in a featured post, but emailed back to you, to do as you will
  • If You Become a Finalist
    • Invitation into private mastermind for 12 months
    • Monthly live calls – ability to participate
    • FREE monthly training shared online
    • $997 Value
  • If You Place First in Your Category
    • Promotion across combined social media of 40K+ for 3 months
    • Extra blog posts via ATAI blogs as winner
    • HeadTalker created to promote winner
    • Featured on sidebar of ATAI through January 2018
    • Listed on winners page as ATAI Book Award Contest 1st Place Winner
    • Badge as ATAI Book Award Contest 1st Place Winner
    • Announced during ceremony via video
    • Finalist invitation into private mastermind
    • Bragging Rights
    • $1697 Value
  • Grand Prize
    • Author VIP Day with Rob and Janelle (virtually or in-person)
    • Promotion across combined social media of 40K+ throughout 2018
    • Featured on homepage of ATAI throughout 2018
    • Featured on sidebar of ATAI through all of 2018
    • Extra blog posts via blogs as Grand Prize Winner
    • HeadTalker created to promote Grand Prize Winner
    • Announced during award ceremony via video
    • Podcast interview as Grand Prize Winner 2017
    • Listed on 2017 ATAI Winners page
    • Badge as ATAI Book Award Contest Grand Prize Winner 2017
    • Finalist invitation into private mastermind
    • Serious Bragging Rights
    • $3997 Value

Last: How To Enter

  • Go to Authors Talk About It
  • Click the drop down and select
    • Book Entry $35
    • Book Entry With One Added Categories $45
    • Book Entry With Two Added Categories $55
  • Each manuscript can be entered in a maximum of three categories, using the prices listed above.
  • Submissions Deadline
    • September 30, 2017
  • Finalists Announced
    • October 15, 2017
  • Winners Announced
    • November 1, 2017

If you have any additional questions go to http://authorstalkaboutit.com/

Good Luck!



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