When Our Worlds Collide by Kellie Wallace

When Our Worlds Collide by [Wallace, Kellie]As one city’s fate hangs in the balance, a woman’s destiny is about to be determined…

Amira Frost is forced to watch her home be invaded by the warmonger state, Argos. Divided into multiple class zones, the city’s once peaceful existence is threatened.
When an opportunity arises for Amira to get close to the General, she accepts with the hope that her new position as his personal food taster can help reclaim the municipality, but she is pulled deeper into his regime than she initially anticipated.

For every controlling force, a resistance is born…

The Ravens’ elusive leader, Grayson Roe, has one goal—to lead the resistance to victory against the barbaric military. Dedicated and ruthless, he sets out to use Amira to their advantage by offering her a proposal she’s unable to refuse.
Nothing will stop him from regaining control over his city and its people—not even the dark haired beauty whose loyalty seems questionable.

A city threatens to fall and a decision needs to be made…

As the battle rages, Amira is caught between two opposing forces and reevaluates her allegiance when her loyalty is tested. Her home is under attack, her friends and family are dying, and she is faced with a grueling decision that has the power to save or bring down an entire city.

When worlds collide, she must choose between saving her home or surrendering to the one man who threatens to destroy it all—including her.

When I picked up this book, I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting. It definitely wasn’t what I got.

When Our Worlds Collide is a novel loosely based on war occupied France during WWII. Amira is the girl caught between loyalty to her homeland, and the desire to keep her family safe. She is the girl who has to choose between the man who took over her land, and the man trying to free it. And this choice is not as easy as it might seem.


This story begins with Amira walking to the market. Kellie Wallace makes this seemingly simple task into a journey of exploration. You learn the history of the city, the changes made in the city since the occupation, the terror and the fear of the people in the city, and how they are fighting back. And you learn all of this in a manner that is relatively smooth and relevant to the storyline. As the story progresses this theme continues, there are some nuggets of information that are out of place, and don’t really need to be there, (why did we need to know about the former queen?!!?) but on the whole this is a well developed storyline that imparts background information in a way that is genuinely interesting.


This story is a organically woven, complex tale. While some of the twists and turns seem a little rushed at times, overall, the story follows a natural flow and cadence, showing you things you never expected, and things you might have, but not in the way you saw them.

Kellie Wallace, following the loose tie to WWII shows the reader familiar landmarks, the labor camps, Hitler’s bunker, the French Rebellion … and shows you the other side of the story. You feel horror and sympathy, betrayal and loss all regarding the same event


Perhaps the weakest link in this story were the characters. The supposed hero, Grayson Roe, is dark and cruel and manipulative, without any explanation for this or his sudden mood swings.

The villain is innocent, and tongue-tied, while confident at the oddest times, with no explanations for the reasoning behind the horrible things he does to the populace he has taken over.

And Amira, the heroine, is perhaps the worst of all, switching from one extreme to the next, one love to the other, one side to the other, without any explanation as to why. The only constant in her character is her love and loyalty to her family, and even that is shaky at times.


Summing It Up

All in all this book is a pleasant read. Not for the characters, but for the world around them. The idea behind this novel is powerful, and I would love to see the beautiful creation it could become with some characters that, if not likable, can at behave in a manner that can be understood.


I give this book an B-.

*Disclaimer: I was provided an Advanced Reader Copy by the author for a honest review. All thoughts expressed are my own.*


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